Episode 1: Your RADICAL Shift


Welcome to the very first episode of the Profitable Life Coach Podcast.

If you’re a life coach that is committed to growing your skills, creating better client results and building a profitable practice, I’ve got great news: you’ve found your home!

Each week, we’ll share insights, strategies, lessons learned and concepts for you to consider around marketing, enrollments, coaching competencies and client results.

As the Founder fo the RADICAL Coach Institute, I’m excited to take this journey with you.

In this episode, in addition to sharing a little about what the Insitute is all about, I kick things off by taking a look at what it means to be a life coach, the core concepts to increasing your bottom line and how we want to be a part of your RADICAL shift.


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Time Stamps:

02:18 – The Radical Coach Institute and our three core concepts

02:52 – “you are embarking on a personal development journey just as much as you are embarking on a business journey” – @DoreenRainey

05:24 – “We do what we do to create transformation” – @DoreenRainey

07:30 – Business Strategies

09:12 – A little bit about me, Doreen Rainey.

11:37 – Create your RADICAL shift,

16:45 – “you have got to put some room in your life and business for fun” – @DoreenRainey


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  • I love that S.H.I.F.T.! My biggest takeaways is that I realize I need to work on “Self Work” shift my Mindset because I still don’t feel it can happen, that clients would want to work with me!


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