Monica Geller’s Powerful Question

Who would have thought that a character from Friends could teach such a powerful lesson in what it takes to build a profitable coaching practice.

But that’s exactly what she did.

If you’re ready to serve more clients and make more money, then you have to take a page out of Monica’s playbook.

Then, your next step is to apply for our upcoming exclusive, private training where I’ll be teaching our 3-part framework we use with all our clients to position them to increase their profits. You’ll also get an overview of our certification program.

Apply Now: Profitable Life Coach Exclusive Training



Are you ready to take your coaching skills and your coaching business to a higher level of success?

Are you in need of a community of coaches that support you as you maneuver this journey of entrepreneurship?

Would a step-by-step strategic plan covering marketing, enrollments and pricing be of benefit to you?

If so, you owe it to yourself to explore whether our training and certification program is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

I’m hosting a FREE training where I’m breaking down the Profitable Life Coach Framework we teach our clients for building a profitable practice and sharing details on our certification program.

It’s all happening on Thursday, November 4th and I would love for you to apply.

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