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Take Your Coaching Skills to the Next Level, Create Real
Transformation for Your Clients and Increase Your
Revenue With Our Training & Certification Program



Our Life Coach Training & Certification Framework Will Teach You How To:

Elevate Your Coaching Skills, Attract Your Ideal Clients and Design, Enroll and Fulfill Your Coaching Programs

Now, more than ever, people are looking for support as they seek clarity, transformation and perspective shifting experiences that empower them to step boldly into new ideas, purpose, action and results.

But, doing so without guidance can be scary and extremely difficult.

That’s where you come in!

Life Coaching is a growing profession of people who want to help, empower and work with clients to move them from where they are to where they want to go.

However, the two biggest challenges coaches face are:

  • How to take clients through a proven process to create real, lasting change that leads them to achieve more.
  • How to build a profitable coaching practice that supports their life and their lifestyle.

You will learn powerful strategies to overcome these challenges
inside the Society of Life Coaches Training & Certification Program

doreen event1

I’m Doreen Rainey, and as the founder of the Society of Life Coaches, I talk to coaches all the time who have a true passion, gift and calling to help people get to their next level of success. They excitedly talk about how they can coach and support people around their goals and moving to the next level.

And then I ask about them about their revenue and they get silent.

The truth is, most life coaches have the desire to build a business but struggle to hone their skills, generate leads and garner the enrollments to build a profitable business.

That was me when I first launched my practice 14 years ago. Struggling to get paying clients, challenged in charging more than a few dollars and stuck on how to build a profitable business.

But the good news is, I learned how to serve my clients AND create a profitable business.

And I can teach you how to get the same results in your coaching practice.


Coaching has exploded into a multi-billion dollar
industry over the past several years.

But, the truth is...

Despite the industry’s massive growth, most life
coaches DO NOT operate a profitable practice.

by the Numbers


The average annual revenue of coaches in North America.

Our clients focus on growing to 6 figures and beyond.

1 on 1

Coaches using this model aren’t able to scale effectively.

Our clients design services to serve more clients.


The average hourly rate life coaches charge.

Our clients create pricing models focused on results.


Most life coaches generate less than 3 client leads per month.

Our clients launch a marketing strategy for continuous leads.

The Final Number to Know? 5

The 5 P's To Building a
Profitable Coaching Business


Defining who you will serve


Defining the results people can expect from working with you


Defining your core service offering



Defining what you will charge for your services


Define how you will fulfill your program

Which Type of Coach Will You Be?

If you’re the “go-to” person for advice with family and friends, you’re mentoring a junior colleague at work, or you’re lending your guidance to people as part of a local civil organization, congratulations! You’ve already figured out how to apply your unique combination of education, life experiences, and professional skills as a Life Coach. You’re halfway there!

But, if you have your sights set on making money as a Coach, you will need to implement the right tools and strategies to generate consistent income.

Remember, as a Life Coach you are not only in the
business of transforming lives, you’re literally in business.

Our Training & Certification Program is for Life Coaches in various niches, including:


Goal Setting























Law of Attraction

Blended Families

New Parents

Image & Style


Weight Loss



Overcome Barriers & Challenges to Profits


Being the owner of a coaching practice comes with its own unique set of challenges and considerations.

Are you thinking...

  • What are the skills I need to coach effectively?
  • How can I improve the results my clients get when they work with me?
  • Who will I serve?
  • How will I find clients?
  • How will I serve my clients?
  • How much will I charge?
  • Can I operate this business part-time or is it a full-time endeavor?
  • How should I structure my business to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible?
  • How do I ensure my clients achieve the results they seek?

And these questions are probably compounded by fear…

  • Fear of asking for money and charging friends, family and associates for yourservices.
  • Fear of “putting yourself out there” and marketing your services.
  • Fear of not being experienced enough to offer advice to help others solvetheir personal or professional challenges.
  • Fear of not having the right answers to help people find the transformationthey seek.
  • Fear of not having a perfect life, but wanting to help others with theirs.
  • Fear that you don’t measure up to more seasoned coaches with extensiveresumés.
  • Fear of being misconstrued as a fraud.
  • Fear of failure.

That’s totally understandable!

Most life coaches start out with those same concerns. In fact, do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

You’ve started to work with clients, but are having a hard time charging what you’re really worth, struggling with balancing doing what you genuinely love (helping people) with the reality of running a profitable business (making money).

You’re having a tough time maintaining boundaries with your clients, giving way more while your clients aren’t actually growing or learning.

You’re increasingly frustrated with your inability to gain traction and a steady stream of clients (and income).

You’re exhausted from starting from scratch with every client because you haven’t formalized an approach or repeatable system.

You’re spinning your wheels trying to come up with customized plans for each client because they are all coming to you with a totally different set of personal or professional challenges.

You’re reluctant to go “all in” on your marketing for fear you’ll attract more clients than you can handle or your efforts will be totally fruitless.


You want to use your knowledge, skills, and abilities to help
people who want to move forward in their lives.

You want the flexibility and freedom to work when you want.

You want to build a legacy business that generates income you
can pass on to future generations.

If this sounds like you, then allow me to introduce you to:

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 12.14.33 PM


The Society of Life Coaches Training and Certification program is an online 9 month structured program designed to equip coaches with:

  • The foundational skills of life coaching.
  • A proven method to create deep, lasting transformation for your clients.
  • The strategies and processes to build a profitable coaching practice.

You’ll transform with 4 semesters of classes - taught LIVE -  that focus on Self Work, Client Transformation, Business Strategies and RADICAL Profit Centers.

The modules, teachings, worksheets, assessments and self reflection exercises will empower you to define success for yourself, shift your mindset and get the courage and guts to go after your business goals.

Becoming a Certified Life Coach from the Society of Life Coaches allows you to learn the process for creating a deeper level of transformation for your clients as they get to know themselves in a way they never have before.

This positions them to amplify what’s working for them while managing – or eliminating – those things that aren’t.

If you’re ready to grow your skills as a coach, serve your clients to a higher level of authentic success and learn proven strategies to build a profitable coaching practice, this is where you belong.

147 Product group

We’ve developed a framework to transform you from practitioner to CEO - and from strictly service-minded to true business owner.

2024 Life Coach Certification Program (Virtual Classes)

In this 9-month, step-by-step guided
experience, each semester's classes are taught ONLINE with LIVE sessions. You will learn:

Semester 1:


April 1 - May 29, 2024

Focus on your personal development – the mindset, thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that position you to take bold and courageous steps to define success for yourself AND get the guts to go after it.

What we'll cover:

Experience the RADICAL Success Method for your own personal transformation.

Complete assessments and exercises to manage challenges, fears and blocks that could hinder your growth.

Uncover the mindset strategies necessary to produce incredible results.

Build confidence to step fully into the role of Life Coach.

Semester 2:


June 12 - July 31, 2024

Create and implement the 5 Profit Assets to position you to elevate your coaching skills, get clear on your coaching niche, your coaching style, the results your clients receive and the income generated.

What we'll cover:

Niche down your services to a target audience whose needs are aligned with your expertise

Define what people can expect to attain from working with you

Outline your core service offering and packaging it into a single, signature program

Determine how much to charge your clients based on several key factors

Specify the logistics for how you will deliver your signature program to your clients

Semester 3:


August 14 - October 9, 2024

Learn the foundational pillars of building your business, the key strategies to generate consistent revenue and the process of developing your mission and your message.

What we'll cover:

Create engaging marketing content that highlights your knowledge, your expertise

Build a powerful presence online to share your message, connect with your tribe and grow your business

Connect to your market, create engaging conversation about your products and services and how to close the deal.

Semester 4:


October 23 - December 18, 2024

Master proven game-changing techniques that will show you how to leverage your time and scale your programs to maximize your revenue potential for greater impact.

What we'll cover:

Create and execute a powerful and profitable sales strategy to meet your revenue goals

Identify additional untapped revenue streams in your current business model

Introduce additional value-added product and service offerings to your clients that create more profit centers for your business

Each semester includes a 5 week course that is taught LIVE.


You don’t have to do this on your own!

Inside this structured, hands-on learning program you’ll receive:

  • circle1
    Well-defined coursework taught LIVE to guide you through each semester.
  • circle
    The support in defining your niche, your coaching style and transformation process for your clients, building up the confidence to market and enroll clients in your programs.
  • circle3
    Frameworks, protocols, tools and templates to guide you through the business building process.
  • circle4
    A community of success-minded individuals who will provide you with a safe, supportive environment to share your successes and offer advice.
  • circle5
    An action and accountability plan to get where you truly want to go.

Our coach training program is in-depth, comprehensive, thorough, robust and results driven.

  • 9 month learning journey of training, coaching, support & community.
  • 60+ hours of live coaching & training sessions.
  • 40+ hours of learning content.
  • Assessments, self-reflection exercises & templates.
  • Design your unique coaching protocol.
  • Build your unique marketing message.
  • Create and price your core program offers.
  • Complete 10 week certification coaching process.


Hey! I’m Doreen.

I love to shake things up!

Coach, speaker and entrepreneur, I founded the RADICAL Success Institute in 2008, where our mission is to help you define success for yourself and get the guts to go after it.

I’ve had the honor of coaching thousands of people to create RADICAL Success in their life and business. I’ve spoken at events all across the country and I’m the former Sr. VP, Steve Harvey Global, working directly with him to build his powerful Act Like A Success platform.

I’ve witnessed people take the coaching concepts shared through my events, programs and trainings and completely transform their career, business, finances and relationships.

I’m a deal maker, a change maker and committed to helping you create your own RADICAL success.

I’m committed to helping others gain clarity, create a strategy and move into action so they become bold and courageous enough to passionately pursue their goals. My clients experience significant shifts as they tap into their personal strengths to get results.

A life-long learner, I constantly engage in continuing education courses and programs to stay on top of the latest research, trends and information on success. I frequently interview and talk with experts, thought leaders and industry insiders in a variety of fields to glean relevant, timely and practical insights to share with my clients and my community.

I received my B.A. from Spelman College, an M.S. in Conflict Negotiation and Conflict Management from the University of Baltimore and my coaching certificate from The Coaches Training Institute.

When I first came to the certification program, I had zero 1 on 1 coaching clients. This week alone, I had 8 clients!… I’ve done many trainings and this is my third mastermind. But, this is the first mastermind where I’ve had a coach grab my hand and walk me through the process.”

— Charreah

When I started my journey with [Doreen], I thought, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ I struggled to identify my ideal client and I [wanted] to just help everybody. But, just like they say on the airplane ‘Get the oxygen mask and put it on yourself.’ So, [she helped me] to dig internally and figure out who I want to work with.”

— Kim Bryant

Before I met Doreen, I said ‘I don’t do social media.’ It is something that was just not in my repertoire. Doreen encouraged me to start with 1 platform and now I’m on 2 or 3. I also want to shout out the caliber of people [Doreen] attracts in her program. One of the things that inspired and touched me was just being in the room with all of those magnificent ladies. You didn’t even have to know their name, but you could feel the energy. You could feel the intelligence.”

— Audrey Spencer-Horsley

From a business perspective, the thing that was most meaningful to me was that Doreen gives you the “receipts.” She shows you exactly how it’s going to unfold, how to move from A to Z, and figure out what the systems are that you need in place to grow the business. Doreen reminded me to put my systems in place, but to put my signature on it so clients know what they can expect from me every time.”

— Dr. P. Swagger

This program is for you if:

  • You're ready to elevate your coaching skills.
  • You believe you have what it takes to transform lives.
  • You want a high value, results oriented practice.
  • You're tired of information overload and want a strategic plan.
  • You're committed to do the work to build the business.
  • You want a coach to guide, train and teach you how to meet your revenue goals.
  • You want to be part of a RADICAL community supporting you every step of the way.
  • You need a marketing strategy to get more leads.
  • You're mission driven and want to make a big impact.
  • You're ready for a profitable coaching practice.

This program is not for you if:

  • You'll looking for a "get rich quick" scheme.
  • You don't mind sifting through lots of information.
  • You want to take the business journey alone.
  • You're not ready to make more money.
  • You're not interested in a clear marketing strategy.
  • You want to be a "hobby" coach.
  • Community and networking isn't a priority.
  • You're not focused on shortening the learning curve.
  • You're not willing to stretch yourself and grow.
  • You're not ready for a profitable coaching practice.

The Unprofitable
Life Coach

It’s time to move from…

  • I try to help everyone with everything
  • I am unclear about what my clients’ outcomes should look like
  • I help people on a surface level rather than a deeper level
  • I go strictly off instincts to help guide my clients
  • I work for free or very little
  • I don’t have a defined set of tools, resources, and strategies I use with my clients

The Profitable
Life Coach


  • I have a clearly defined niche of people I work with
  • I meet people where they are and help them achieve a desired result using a proven repeatable process
  • I help people create internal transformation and external results
  • I’ve packaged what I do into a signature program
  • I have a defined payment schedule based on the services outlined in my coaching agreement
  • I utilize a specific set of technology, resources, and tools to help deliver my coaching services

So, you may be thinking,

the Certification sounds great, but I’ve got questions!!

How long is the program?

The program runs for a total of 9 months. We will move progressively through the 4 semesters outlined above.

What outcomes can I expect?

First, you will get clear on the profession of coaching, how to elevate your coaching skills and how to support your clients to a higher level of success in the area you coach them. Secondly, you will get a clear strategy for how to design, build, and grow a profitable business with a defined audience, clear marketing message, signature service offering, launching and enrollment strategies and plan for sustainable long-term growth.

Who is this for?

The Training & Certification is for Life Coaches who recognize they need additional support and a clear roadmap to develop a high-value coaching business that allows them to align their unique skillset with the right business model, helps them refine their service offering to optimize outcomes for their clients, pinpoints the right price for their offer, and implements a sales and marketing strategy that keeps warm leads AND paying clients coming through the door.

Will I get personalized attention?

You’ll learn the fundamental aspects of a profitable coaching practice AND get personalized attention through our live courses, coaching sessions and personalized feedback.


When can I expect to see growth in my business?

Every coach is different, however, you’ll have access to tools starting in semester 1 to see growth in your mindset, confidence, clarity and yes – revenue.

Can I complete this training & certification while working full time?

Definitely! In fact, it is encouraged so you can begin to see the fruits of your labor manifest in your business as you are learning. Nothing builds momentum like seeing wins – even small ones – as you invest your time into this program.

In addition, all of the lessons and live Q&As will be made available to you to watch on replay. While live attendance is ALWAYS encouraged, if you have to miss for an appointment or other urgent obligation, you’ll be able to catch up and pick back up right where you left off!

What's the cost of the training & certification program?

Enrollment and tuition information is shared once your application is complete. You'll get all the details, including flexible payment options.

We're Different...On Purpose

When we designed our program, we wanted to provide a curriculum that addresses all the challenges coaches face in building a profitable business:

  1. Powerful coaching skills and rock solid confidence.
  2. Real client results that has them singing your praises.
  3. Proven business strategies to attract and enroll your ideal clients – consistently.
  4. Coaching real clients in a 10 week pilot program.
  5. A community of success minded coaches taking the journey with you.

Here’s what I know.

The goal of a life coach, whether your niche is goal setting, clarity, wellness, relationships, wealth building, personal growth or another area to help your clients move from where they are to where they want to be, is to empower them to reach their next level of success while creating a business they love.

So here’s the question I have for you:

Have you set up a coaching practice where you are constantly serving your ideal clients and meeting your revenue goals?

If your answer is no, is it time for you to believe in you, your business and your commitment to change lives?

Is it time to take a deep breath and take that bold step to invest in you and your coaching practice?

Is it time discover how to step out of any self-doubt, inconsistency or fear around building your practice and make huge progress towards the coaching practice you’ve dreamed of?

I believe now is your time.


Our RADICAL strategies, resources and tools will educate, train and position your business to enroll consistent clients and exceed your revenue goals.

This is your path to your next level in your coaching practice and designing the lifestyle you want – and deserve.

We cannot wait to welcome you to the
Society of Life Coaches Training & Certificatioin Program

For the most successful life coaches, coaching actually is a calling. It takes a special kind of person to fill the shoes of a successful life coach, and I think you’ve got what it takes!

If you are ready to walk bravely and
confidently into this next level of your business – APPLY NOW!

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