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Our Life Coach Training & Certification Framework Will Teach You How To:

Elevate Your Coaching Skills, Attract Your Ideal Clients and Design, Enroll and Fulfill Your Coaching Programs

society certication program


The Society of Life Coaches Training and Certification program is a 9 month structured program designed to equip coaches with:

  • The foundational skills of life coaching.
  • A proven method to create deep, lasting transformation for your clients.
  • The strategies and processes to build a profitable coaching practice.

You’ll transform with 4 semesters of classes - taught LIVE -  that focus on Self Work, Client Transformation, Business Strategies and RADICAL Profit Centers.

The modules, teachings, worksheets, assessments and self reflection exercises will empower you to define success for yourself, shift your mindset and get the courage and guts to go after your business goals.

Becoming a Certified Life Coach from the Society of Life Coaches allows you to learn the process for creating a deeper level of transformation for your clients as they get to know themselves in a way they never have before.

This positions them to amplify what’s working for them while managing – or eliminating – those things that aren’t.

If you’re ready to grow your skills as a coach, serve your clients to a higher level of authentic success and learn proven strategies to build a profitable coaching practice, this is where you belong.

We're here to answer any questions you have.  You can email us at or text us on 301-494-1002.

We can't wait to welcome you into our certification community.

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