Life Coach Intensive

Transform Lives | Build Your Business

The Must Attend 2-Day Immersion Experience
For Life Coaches Ready to Transform More Clients & Generate More Income

November 2-3, 2024

Atlanta, GA

Access Proven Strategies to Grow a Highly Profitable Life Coaching Practice

This 2- day experience is specifically created for you to learn the latest strategies to create more transformation for your clients, to elevate your coaching skills and to market and enroll more clients into your programs. 

Whether you are just starting out, or ready to grow and scale, this event provides an action plan to drive you to your next level of success.

A Message From Our Founder Doreen Rainey

Life Coaches Matter More Than Ever!

Now, more than ever, life coaches are needed to empower their clients to step into their next level of success.

The last few years has seen a record number of people re-evaluating, re-assessing, re-considering and re-exploring and their career, relationships, finances, purpose, goals and dreams.

They are searching for qualified coaches to guide them on their journey of discovery, alignment and new actions.

And it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

That's exactly why this conference is timely.

If you're a life coach - or considering becoming a life coach - this is your opportunity to understand the industry, connect with your community and learn how to elevate your skills, the client experience and your bottom line.


During this 2 day event, you'll gain the tools, knowledge, strategies, concepts and resources to grow, transform and build the type of coaching practice that give you the life - and the lifestyle - you want and deserve.

Using our Action Guide, you'll leave with your strategic plan and implementation strategy to elevate your marketing, enrollments and impact.

Imagine a Life Coaching Business That...

...serves clients to their highest level of potential.

...produces the type of financial freedom that allows you to experience your ideal lifestyle.

...positions you to contribute to your family, community and the causes that speak to your soul.

...uses marketing and enrollment processes that allows you to grow and scale with ease. built based on your strengths, your passion and purpose.

....transforms lives and is highly profitable.

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This is the type of Life Coaching business you'll create at this conference.

Why Attend?

It's an Industry Event

This is a industry event for life coaches in all niches. And it's like no other event. Why? Because we focus on your WHOLE business. There are sessions on coaching competencies, human behavior, the latest research on creating transformation, program design, marketing, enrollments and growing your profits.

Experience - Not Theory

We're not just teaching theory, we're teaching from experience.

Our speakers are sharing the latest strategies, techniques and systems for growing as a #LifeChanger and #ProfitMaker. We're sharing what works as well as what mistakes we've made that you can avoid.

You're Ready

You're ready to hit all your goals for your business - NOW. More clients, more money and more community. You're ready to build your reach and your impact to a brand new level.

The time for procrastinating, delaying and letting excuses get in the way are over. It's your time!

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grow word

GROW your strengths and explore opportunities to improve your core coaching skills.

Fully explore your own purpose, increase confidence and set up your personalized coaching practice success plan.

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transform word

Connect more fully with your clients. TRANSFORM them for greater results. Guide them to their next level of success.

Gain a deeper understanding to move your clients in clarity, action steps and transformation.

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build word

BUILD, expand and elevate your business foundation and play full out to reach your financial and impact goals.

Uplevel your branding, marketing and enrollment results by attracting your ideal client.

Learn... Connect... Implement...

This Intensive experience was specifically designed for coaches to explore a deeper, richer, holistic approach to enhancing their own personal development, serving their clients to a higher level of results and accelerating their success in growing their coaching business.

During our time together, you'll:

  • Go from asking “how do I” build a practice to “I know my next steps”.
  • Move from “information gatherer” when it comes to your business goals and go to consistent action taker.
  • Gain the courage to walk your talk - both in your personal life and in your coaching practice.
  • Understand how your beliefs and mindset play in a role in how you attract and work with clients.
  • Take a deeper look at who you are and why you are and why your work matters.
  • Learn transformational tools and resources to expand the capabilities of you - and your clients.
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Get answers that teach you how to:

  • Create a practical, tangible, implementable action plan that outlines the exact steps you need to take to grow your clients and income.
  • See the blind spots that have kept you from accomplishing the vision you see for your business.
  • Get crystal clear clarity about the ONE thing that deserves your time, attention and energy to grow your business.
  • Outline specific strategies around marketing, sales, branding and pricing to generate more clients and more revenue.
  • Commit to a lead process that attracts your ideal client.
  • Understand the launch system that builds your community and the opportunity to sell.
  • Design the enrollment scripts and conversations to convert your leads into clients.
  • Make final decisions on offers and niche.
  • Move past the thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that hold you hostage to your goals.

Step Boldly Into Your Next Level

Session Topics To Serve Your WHOLE Business


The goals you have for your clients and your business begins with vision.

Get insights to think bigger than ever about the impact you can have as a coach and a business owner.


New data and studies reveal more about human behavior and habits.

Get the latest science, theories and research on creating transformation for your clients.


Continually incorporating skills that move your clients forward is key.

Engage and practice in the core coaching competencies to deepen client impact and transformation.


Coaches use curriculum, assessments and modules in their practice more than ever.

Expand your understanding of how to develop, create and design a unique coaching protocol.


There's not just one business model that fits every life coach.

Explore multiple models that may fit your philosophy, work style, revenue targets and personal lifestyle goals.


Building a PROFITABLE practice relies on marketing and messaging.

Elevate your presence online and offline to build brand awareness, position yourself in your niche and attract clients.


Coaching becomes a business when you enroll clients into your programs.

Learn proven strategies around coaching offers, program creation, pricing and client on-boarding.


Running your business with ease and grace requires technology.

Learn about tools and platforms to automate systems and processes to grow and scale your practice.

Here's What You'll FOCUS ON:

Day 1 block

Transform Lives

This day is all about your personal growth and how to create powerful transformation for your clients.

  • How to connect with your authentic goals for you and your business – awaken a new level of enthusiasm that propels you to move forward.
  • How to take consistent action – with the information you already have as well as what you learn here.
  • Why you’re sometimes challenged with fear or procrastination – even when you know you have what it takes to move forward.
  • How to diminish the doubt and disbelief as you pursue your goals – playing bigger than you ever thought possible.
  • Understand the process to produce better results for your clients.
  • The process and structure that gives you and your clients the support needed for success.
  • Creating the method and protocol that provide predictable outcomes for your clients 
  • Design your plan to pre-empt challenges and barriers that may hinder your progress with the people you serve.
  • Tap into the confidence to show up fully in your sessions to empower your clients to accelerate success and achieve more faster.
Day 2 block

Build Your Business

This day is focused on how to enroll clients consistently and increase your income to six figures and beyond.

  • Learn the foundational pillars every business owner builds on.
  • Align with leadership skills necessary to grow your revenue.
  • Learn key elements to attracting your ideal clients and create your unique strategy to reach your ideal audience.
  • Marketing and launching strategies that deliver results and keeps you from overwhelm.
  • The simple process of creating coaching packages and setting your fees.
  • The power of building community and how it connects you to your tribe.
  • How to enroll clients into your programs, events and masterminds with structure and ease.
  • The process for planning easily and quickly plan content for social media.
  • Simple tips to grow your email marketing list to increase your leads.
  • How to stand out in a crowded market and be positioned as an expert.

This Live Experience is For Life Coaches Who Specialize In:


〉Goal Setting























〉Law of Attraction

〉Blended Families

〉New Parents

〉Image & Style


〉Weight Loss


〉Journaling...and More

Is This For You?

For Coaches Committed to Being
#LifeChangers and #ProfitMakers

This Live Event
is for you if:

  • You are a high goals, go-getter ready to take bold action to start or grow your coaching practice.
  • You have goals for your coaching practices and want to strategies and a plan to reach them.
  • You want to gain a deeper understanding on how to maximize your potential when it comes to your own success.
  • You’re ready to increase your  confidence,assertiveness and speak up to get what you want when it comes to putting yourself "out there".
  • You’re ready to create more joy,  fulfillment and happiness - both in yourself and in your coaching business.
  • You understand the importance and are committed to experiencing your own coaching to have an internal  transformation to create external results.
  • You're ready to be a #LifeChanger and #ProfitMaker.

This Live Event
is NOT for you if:

  • You want to be a spectator, instead of engaging in the process to grow your coaching practice.
  • You want to just come, sit and listen - nottake action and make things happen.
  • You are looking for the next “how-to”,  rather than digging into why you haven't implemented what you already know.
  • You aren’t ready for a shift in your mindset, behaviors and habits to strategically build a profitable practice.
  • You expect external results without internal transformation.
  • You're not interested in learning about the industry of life coaching.
  • Networking and connecting with other coaches is not a priority for you.
  • You don't want to amplify your mission, message or money.
  • Your goal is not to be a #LifeChanger and #Profitmaker.

What Attendees say about our events

The conference was so awesome that it is hard to put everything into words. I learned so much and I know it will help me as I move into my coaching business. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have this experience lead by Doreen!

— Regina Bumper

I gained so much clarity creating my business plan and strategy. It helped me recognize and build on my strengths and also discover my blind spots. I loved the fun learning atmosphere and networking with other coaches.

— Sandra Gammons

Informative and inspiring -- every aspect of the conference. Attendees can always expect to be super motivated and encouraged on their path of either becoming a profitable coach or attaining a higher level in their coaching career. Doreen is truly a coach "par excellence".

— Joan Voneden

The weekend was incredible, powerful, and full of valuable information to pursue a profitable business. Excellent opportunity for any one who wants to learn the skills, and business aspect of building a coaching practice.  Great sessions on strategy, networking and marketing. Excellent conference for anyone at any level of business.

— C. Jeannette Chenoweth

It was an amazing and inspiring coaching experience. I enjoyed learning all the aspects of building a business and the opportunity to engage in interactive exercises with other coaches growing their practice.

— Vicky Washington

Charreah Jackson

Charmaine Dunn

Dr. Phildra Swagger


An In-Person Event – Only 50 Seats Available

Join us and be a part of a deeper conversation around what it takes to create a profitable coaching practice.

Our sessions are designed to help you grow your coaching skills, get better client results and achieve your next level business goals.

Attending this Intensive will shorten YOUR learning curve - saving you time, money and frustration as you passionately pursue your life coaching goals.

Life Coach Intensive

Transform Lives | Build Your Business

November 2 - 3, 2024

Atlanta, GA


Save $200

Super Early

$197 Registration Increases August 15th
  • 2 Full Days of Sessions
  • Workbook & Action Guide
  • Pre-Event Strategy Session
  • Networking Sessions
  • Registration Increases Aug 15th

Early Registration

$297 Registration Increases Sept 30th
  • 2 Full Days of Sessions
  • Workbook & Action Guide
  • Pre-Event Strategy Session
  • Networking Sessions
  • Registration Increases Sept 30th

General Registration

  • 2 Full Days of Sessions
  • Workbook & Action Guide
  • Pre-Event Strategy Session
  • Networking Sessions
  • Last Chance to Register!

Meet Your Host & Founder Doreen Rainey

Coach, speaker and entrepreneur, Doreen founded RADICAL Success Institute in 2008 where she focused on helping her clients define success for themselves AND get the guts to go after it.

In 2020, Doreen founded the Society of Life Coaches where the mission is to help coaches grow their skill set, get better client results and build a wildly profitable practice. Life Coaches in all niches and in all stages of business learn what's working NOW when it comes to starting and growing a coaching practice.

She's had the honor of coaching thousands of people to create RADICAL Success in their life and business. She's a powerful speaker who has graced stages across the country teaching and speaking on the power of the right mindset, the strategies for starting and growing a business and the process and systems to enroll clients.

As the former Senior VP, Steve Harvey Global, she worked directly with him to build his powerful Act Like A Success platform, hosting live conferences with him, leading his Success Institute and sharing insights on success on his radio and TV show, reaching millions.

Doreen has witnessed people take the coaching concepts shared through her programs and trainings and completely transform their career, business, finances and relationships.

She's a deal maker, a change maker and committed to helping life coaches gain clarity, create a strategy and move into action so they become bold and courageous to build profits and create wealth.

Doreen has been featured on Essence Magazine, USA Today Weekend, The Steve Harvey Show,  ABC News and more.

She can't wait to meet you at this event!

What Our Clients have to say

I appreciate you so much for walking out your purpose and designing this transformational experience for us! I thought this was going to be a cookie cutter “how to” training but you surprised me by forcing us to do an internal MRI and uncover those strongholds that make us question our greatness.

— Tiffany Murphy

Doreen, I can never thank you enough for sharing your RADICAL message. This has initiated a tremendous change in me. I have a new confidence that radiates. This confidence shows up in board meetings, staff meetings and conversations with my clients, family and friends.

— Darlene Benson

I never knew I had so much opportunity with my dreams and my visions. Doreen helping me map it out, see revenue streams, figure out ways I could use what I have, who I am, what I’ve been through, my story… to not only impact others in a positive way but to create a life for myself that I desire… was absolutely priceless.

— Q Nicole McNair

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our attendees is our NUMBER ONE priority.

We want you to have an incredible experience and that means keeping you safe and happy!

We closely monitor government guidelines, regulations and advice and our policies and processes around this may change.

Masks are highly suggested and for those who prefer, social distancing is available.

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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire to implement and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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