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Get Immediate Access to Courses, Coaching & Community to Elevate Your Skills, Get More Clients and Build a Highly Profitable Business


Ready to Grow?

"I'm ready to grow my coaching practice and don't know what to focus on first."

Social Media?

"I must put myself out there but I'm overwhelmed trying to figure it all out."

Better Marketing?

"I know I need to put myself out there more, I just never know what to say."

Build Community?

"I know I need to create a community of ideal clients...but struggle to build an audience."

More Confidence?

"I want to be more confident in being able to create transformation for my clients."

Pricing Questions?

"I'm not quite sure how many coaching programs I should have or how much to charge for them.

Increase Clients?

"There's no other way to say it...I need to get more paying clients in my programs."

Need Coaching?

"I need a safe space to ask questions, get support and learn the exact steps to grow my business."

Are you ready for your business, life and lifestyle to change by accessing the RIGHT strategies to serve more clients, make more money and become the best version of yourself?

Great News!

You've landed in the right place.

We are #LifeChangers and #ProfitMakers Impacting the World!

A Note From Our Founder: Doreen Rainey

For far too long, I’ve watched talented, gifted, passionate coaches struggle to start, grow or sustain their business. Whether the challenge revolves around mindset, time management, marketing, sales, program design or technology, many coaches believe they are operating way below their potential.

The journey of building a profitable coaching practice is not a journey that should be taken alone. This Academy offers an absolutely incredible business changing opportunity to elevate you to reach your true coaching practice goals.

Whether you are just starting out, growing to your first six figure year or beyond, you'll get the content you need to accelerate to your next level of success - professionally and personally.

Coaching. Training. Mentoring. Support. Systems. Processes. Community.

It's all here.

Join us and let's take the journey to being a #LifeChanger and a #ProfitMaker - together.

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The LifeChanger & ProfitMaker Academy

Elevate Your Life Coaching Practice

250 Product group

Everything you need to confidently build a wildly profitable life coaching practice.


Inside the Academy, you'll get coaching, training and mentoring in all aspects of your business so you can grow your impact, your income and build a legacy.


Enhance Coaching Skills

Learn, enhance and strengthen your core coaching skills and competencies to increase your confidence and create a deeper transformation for your clients.

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Get Better Client Results

Gain a deeper understanding of how to move your clients in clarity, action steps, accountability and transformation with confidence.

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Grow Your Bottom Line

Uplevel your branding, marketing and enrollment results. Get clarity on program design and pricing as you attract your ideal client.

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Connect With Other Coaches

Network, collaborate and meet other life coaches focused on taking their practice to the next level and get support and accountability.

transform you and your business

Now, more than ever, life coaches are needed to help people navigate this ever changing world and step fully into their next level of authentic success.

Our Members are Life Coaches That Work In a Variety of Niches:


Goal Setting























Law of Attraction

Blended Families

New Parents

Image & Style


Weight Loss






Self Care


Debt Elimination

Positive Psychology

And Many More...

Our courses, coaching and community are designed to move you through our 3-part framework to build your profitable coaching practice.

framework 3 part



Fully explore your own purpose and create a mindset shift to empower you to manage fear, increase confidence and set up your personalized coaching practice success plan.

Stand in your strength, knowledge and expertise as you deal with, and overcome, the challenges and that hold you back.


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Connect more fully with your clients and give them greater results as you connect to your coaching type and style and provide a process that produces the outcomes your clients desire.

Gain a deeper understanding of how to move your clients in clarity, action steps and transformation with confidence.


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Execute on the core pillars of solid business foundation so you can play full out to reach your financial goals.

Uplevel your branding, marketing and enrollment results. Get clarity on program design and pricing as you attract and be positioned to execute on your overall vision and mission.


  • ​"New clients are enrolling every month. I have a clear strategy to attract, market and launch my offers - and people excited to work with me."
  • “When I have questions about a business challenge, I can ask my community. No more trying to figure it all out on my own."
  • ​“I’m connecting with my ideal audience on a consistent basis - both online and offline.”
  • ​“My coaching skills are increasing and I'm creating powerful results for my clients."
  • ​“I've been able to focus on my own personal growth - defining success for myself and overcoming fear and procrastination."
  • ​“I’m finally generating consistent revenue in my coaching business — and I couldn't be happier!”



Each month, get access to in-depth trainings that focus on the core pillars of building a profitable practice: Self Work, Client Transformation and Business Strategies.

Access insights, tools, strategies, resources and teachings based on each of these.

You'll get assessments, worksheets and planners to help you implement and execute on what you're learning.

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Each month, you'll have the opportunity to get coaching and your questions answered to keep taking action and making progress with your coaching business goals and your personal goals.

This is your opportunity to get clarity around your business model, marketing, branding, enrollments and more. You'll also get coaching that empowers, encourages and motivates you to step boldly into your best self.

Recordings of calls are always available.



An active community of life coaches committed to serving the world, building a highly profitable business and personal development.

Get daily motivation. Share wins. Ask questions. Get support.

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The Academy is an easy "yes" if you're ready to:

  • Learn from high earning coaches and leaders.
  • Get focused training each month that keeps you out of overwhelm.
  • Create a solid business foundation.
  • Master powerful coaching skills to get better client results.
  • Leverage your time to take on more clients
  • Understand what to offer
  • Set coaching fees based on value.
  • Gain clarity on how much to charge.
  • Better understand marketing.
  • Increase confidence in your skills an ability to coach.
  • Connect with other coaches to network & collaborate.
  • Uplevel your social media game.
  • Know what technology to use for efficiency.
  • Grow your email list.
  • Get better results for your clients.
  • Have fun in the process of of making money.
  • Focus on your own personal development & growth.

Make the Powerful Choice to Join the Academy

What are you choosing?
🌟 Belief over doubt.
🌟 Faith over fear.
🌟 Courage over hesitation.
🌟 Growth over stagnation.
🌟 Abundance over lack.
🌟 Soaring over playing small.
When it comes to how you're going to meet your coaching business goals, what are you choosing?

Maybe you're in the "wait and see" frame of mind.

Wait and see how things go - even though you're not sure of exact next steps.
Wait and see if you can do it on your own - even though you haven't made as much progress as you'd hoped and are lagging behind in meeting your goals.
Wait and see if you can piece together a profit focused strategy from free trainings or Facebook groups - even though you still don't know what you don't know.

Maybe you're in the "I can't afford it" frame of mind.

Enrolling just one client into your coaching program covers a year's membership in the Society. Are you saying that you want to build a highly profitable coaching practice, but don't see yourself getting 1 client in the next 12 months?
With access to our templates, worksheets, trainings on leadership, attracting clients, enrollment processes, coaching and community - how can you afford NOT to join the academy? It's worth every penny of your investment.

Maybe you're in the "can I really do this" frame of mind.

How will you ultimately know if you don't give it an "all in" effort?
Confidence is built by doing. You cannot think, analyze, meditate or pray your way to confidence. That's only part of the equation. You have to take a deep breath and take action.
Give yourself a fighting chance to be who you envision yourself to be. To build the coaching practice you've dreamed about. To make the money you aspire to make. To have the impact in this world you crave.

With a bold "YES" to joining the academy, the next 12 months could be the most productive - and profitable - time in your business.

Join the #LifeChanger and #Profitmaker Academy

Become a Member - Enroll Today!

Annual Membership

$490 per year (2 Months FREE)
  • Monthly Courses
  • Monthly Masterclass/Planner
  • Monthly Live Coaching Q & A Calls
  • Registration Ticket to Annual Conference
  • Life Coach Community
  • No Contract. Cancel Anytime.

Monthly Membership

$49 per month
  • Monthly Course
  • Monthly Masterclass/Planner
  • Monthly Live Coaching Q&A Calls
  • Life Coach Community
  • No Contract. Cancel Anytime.


Coach, speaker and entrepreneur, Doreen founded RADICAL Success Institute in 2008 where they focused on helping people define success for themselves AND get the guts to go after it.

In 2020, she founded the Society of Life Coaches where the mission is to help coaches grow their skill set, get better client results and build a profitable practice.

She's had the honor of coaching thousands of people to create RADICAL Success in their life and business. She's a powerful speaker who has graced stages across the country. As the former Senior VP, Steve Harvey Global, she worked directly with him to build his powerful Act Like A Success platform.

Doreen has witnessed people take the coaching concepts shared through her programs and trainings and completely transform their career, business, finances and relationships.

She's a deal maker, a change maker and committed to helping life coaches gain clarity, create a strategy and move into action so they become bold and courageous to build profits and create wealth.

She received my B.A. from Spelman College, an M.S. in Conflict Negotiation and Conflict Management from the University of Baltimore and her coaching certificate from The Coaches Training Institute.


Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Life Coaches who are ready to make progress in business and personal life. Whether you need to grow your coaching skills, learn more about marketing and enrollments or get the strategies to increase your income, you'll get the resources you need to make real progress.
Congratulations on starting your coaching practice journey! We've got great news for you. We've got a specific path designed just for new coaches. You'll access the right trainings based on your current status. This will get you moving in the right direction.
How exciting that you're serving clients and making money in your business. We've got a specific path for seasoned coaches who are looking to grow their business. Our Coach Success Path provides strategies and resources based on the revenue you're currently generating. This ensures you're getting the right information and coaching to take your business to the next level.
With any investment you make in your business, you should always be clear about what a return on that investment could look like. As an engaged member, you can expect to deepen your coaching skills, learn marketing strategies to build an audience and attract leads, gain more clarity on program offerings and pricing, increase your revenue and connect with an awesome community of coaches you can network and collaborate with. Of course, you'll see results when you actually implement what you are learning.
Yes! Once you become a member, you'll learn more about private coaching opportunities to get more customized plans and strategies to grow your business.
As a monthly Member, you can cancel your membership at any time. There are no contracts. With an annual membership you have access for 12 months and an annual renewal. You can cancel prior to your renewal date.
We're happy to answer your questions. Simply send an email to team@societyoflifecoaches.com.

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