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Founded by award- winning coach and businesswoman, Doreen Rainey.

Our mission is to help you define success for yourself AND get the guts to go after it as you build a profitable life coaching practice.

Whether you are just starting out or ready to scale your business to 6 figures and beyond, we have the tools, resources, and strategies to show you how to step into your next level of success.

We Help Our Members Create a SHIFT


You know that NOW is your time to start:

  • Learning what you need to learn.
  • Doing what you need to do.
  • Deepening your coaching skills
  • Creating your strategic business growth plan.


You're ready to face the hard truths:

  • You need anoperations strategy.
  • You need a marketing strategy.
  • You need an enrollment strategy.
  • You need a fulfillment strategy.


You've got questions. You're curious about:

  • Your unique coaching style.
  • How to create better results for your clients.
  • How pricing impacts your profitability.
  • The process for building to 5 figure months and beyond.


There's room for fun when building your business.

  • Connect with othercoaches.
  • Celebrate big and small wins.
  • Add more laughs for you and your clients.
  • Find harmony in all areas of life.


You are ready to exceed the norms. You're focused on:

  • Serving more clients.
  • Making moremoney.
  • Increasing your impact.
  • Growing yourlegacy.

We Focus on Community:

Collaboration, Networking and Connectioin


Our Focus
is YOUR Results

Our programs are specifically designed for life coaches. We understand the unique elements coaches need to create massive results in their practice.

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Coaching Skills

We help you elevate your coaching skills to align with your experience, education, gifts and natural talents, increasing your confidence in your coaching niche.

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Client results

Moving your clients to their next level of success is the goal of life coaches. We help you design your signature curriculum to empower your clients to move from where they are to where they want to be.

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business strategies

We help you create and execute your marketing, messaging, program design and enrollments to generate profits and step full into the role of CEO.


Doreen Rainey


Founded the RADICAL Success Institute in 2008 where we've empowered, coached and trained thousands of people to define success for themselves, get the guts to go after it.


Developed the RADICAL Success Method, a 7 step method that teaches the foundation for creating internal transformation to create external results. It's the cornerstone process to identify authentic goals, design your personalized action plan and move past the barriers and challenges that try to hold you back. It's the cornerstone of the Self Work every coach should do.


As former Senior Vice President, Steve Harvey Global, she worked directly with him to launch and manager the personal and professional development platform, Act Like A Success, teaching thousands success principles and business strategies.

Master Coach

Through our masterminds, private coaching, retreats, intensives and conferences, Doreen's witnessed clients take the coaching concepts shared through her curriculum based programs and completely transform their career, business, finances and relationships.

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